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Last week we did the beautiful walk from Talland Church to Port Nadler beach for the first time - previously we've always walked to Port Nadler from the other way (Hannafore in Looe).   If you haven't done this walk then try it on your next stay with us- it's completely stunning and the beach was deserted today.   We went at a spring high tide and the top of the beach is lovely and sandy.  At lower tides the beach is shingly most of the way down and you can walk round to a second beach to the west. 

Beautiful coastal walks near Treworgey
There are so many little coves to discover that we're still finding new place and autumn is the perfect time for a sea swim as the sea is a little warmer. There are lots of tips and recommendations for beaches and coastal walks in the info room, or you can pop into the office and ask us for our best tips. 

beautiful coastal walk from Talland to Port Nadler

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