A holiday in Cornwall with Horse Riding

Horses are a big part of life at Treworgey. So, whether you have children desperate for their first sit on a pony or you’re an established rider with your own horse, you’ll be very well looked after. Our licenced riding school, exclusively for guests, has superb facilities, including a large (60m x 20m) outdoor arena and a full set of jumps.

Riding lessons are with our experienced and friendly instructors, Indie and Hester, who are both wonderfully confidence-inspiring - whether teaching little ones how to trot or fine-tuning your jumping technique. You can also go hacking around our quiet country lanes.

The Treworgey equines (some of whom we’ve bred ourselves) range from wonderfully unflappable and friendly ponies to retired and current eventers – successfully competed by our daughter Holly and our Cottage Manager Sarah. You’re also very welcome to bring your own horse with you.



Book your riding

PLEASE NOTE:  During school holidays, we get incredibly busy during some weeks, and many guests book over a year in advance!  This means you are unlikely to get the specific times you ask for.  We will do our very best to fit in your riding on each day that you ask for it, but we cannot guarantee riding every day of your stay.   We are really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.  Do be sure to book your children into our fantastic pony clubs to maximise their riding time!

Please complete our Riding Request form:

Riding request form


Pony Clubs

During school holidays we run two pony-related clubs a week for children of 5 yrs or over.  Children have the chance to groom and prepare the ponies, followed by riding, and fun and games on horseback.

Please note: We will contact you a few days before your arrival to confirm days and times of clubs that we can offer for your stay, you will be able to sign your children up at that point.

Pony Club is usually on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2-4pm.  Please note that 5 and 6 yr old children need to bring a parent.

You are most welcome to sign up for both pony clubs, but please note that numbers are limited to 12.  We should be able to ensure that your children can attend at least one day, but occasionally we may have to get in touch to restrict children to just one of the two days. 


Holidays with riding in Cornwall


Trotting Tots Club - Free!

On Monday mornings in the spring (April - July, excluding school holidays) we run our Trotting Tots Club.  This is around an hour where pre-schoolers (5yrs and under) can get to know our ponies, brush them, stroke them or just feel their different textures of fur, skin and mane, followed by pony rides for everyone.   This club is free but please sign up at the office (or call us) by the day before.  Little ones, please bring along a grown-up to help supervise you and to hold you when you're riding. 

pony rides for young children in cornwall


Riding Prices

A. ½ hr Private Lesson     £33.00 per person

B. ½ hr Semi-Private Lesson (for 2 people)      £25.00 per person

C. ½ hr Stable Management Lesson (minimum two people)     £20.00 per person

D. ½ hr Group Lesson 3-4 persons max (must be intermediate upward)*      £20.00 per person

E. ½ hr Lead Rein Hack for young children (under 5s to be accompanied by parent/guardian)     £22.00 per person

F. 1 hr hack with trotting (intermediate or experienced riders only)     £35.00 per person

G. 10 minute escorted walk from the stables and around the school (from 3 yrs up)*       £12.00  per person

H.  ½ hr Private Lesson for competition riders*        £40.00 per person

    (taught by Holly, Sarah or Linda, who have ridden at BE Int or Adv and jumped BS up to 1.25m. Linda is BHSII)


Pony Club Afternoon       £30.00 per person   

*Options B. C. and D. are only available if you have enough participants within your group or family staying at Treworgey.
*Option F. is subject to availability and is at the riding instructor’s discretion after a brief assessment in the school. Please never overtake the leader of the ride unless they have made the express request that you do so. The leader of the ride must be obeyed at all times reserves the right to cut short a ride if they deem a situation unsafe.
*Option G. must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*Option H. Available for guests who have competed at or above BE90, BS90 and/or BD levels.

Please note that riding prices are subject to change. The above prices are current from June 2022.

Afternoon activities - In peak times look out for additional horse and pony activities and Pony Club on some afternoons, depending on demand. If we have activities available while you are here we will email you prior to your arrival. 

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Riding holidays in Cornwall

Bring your horse on holiday

We would love to meet your horse or pony and welcome them to stay at Treworgey with you during your holiday.  We have two dedicated stables for guests’ ponies/horses at Coombe (near Orchard Cottage) which is a ten minute walk from most of the cottages.  Guests can use our all weather riding arena and full set of show jumps, have lessons from our fantastic instructor and hack in the lovely local woodland.

We are very experienced horse breeders, owners and riders, so Treworgey is a great place to bring your horse or pony, particularly if you want to progress your knowledge and develop your partnership.

We do ask that you don’t let your horse ‘meet’ any of the horses on-site here, or bring them into the main stables by the tennis court.  We apply these same principles when bringing any new horse into Treworgey.



DIY livery: £60 per week (includes the stable, use of the arena and show jumps and, when possible, a paddock to turn out in)

Straw: £4 per bale

Haylage: £10 for the week for a pony or £15 for a horse (help yourself)

We offer £3 off ½ hr lessons or hacks if you ride your own horse or pony.

Please complete this form if you would like to bring your horse to Treworgey.



Guests say...

"I must agree that Treworgey has very much everything you need. It's really fun. I enjoyed: swimming in the pool, the woodland walk at Treworgey (very pretty, and good for den building), curling up by the fire with a good book and getting apple juice from Cornish Orchards."

- ABI (AGED 10)

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