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There has not been a Treworgey Cottages blog since the creation of this website.  The fear of being an active member of the Business Blogging Brigade, which generally seemed to churn out the same old drivel without relent, was too much.  Plagiarised top 10 lists and inane repetition of keywords seemed inevitable, so I (perhaps rashly) threw the whole blogging idea out of the window. 

However, I’ve been inspired by friends, including my big sister Jo at Logie Steading in Scotland, and have realised that a blog could be not just bearable, but actually quite useful for our guests.

Now I can’t promise that this blog will be inspiring, or that it’ll be entirely drivel-free, but I can promise that it will not be regurgitated content from elsewhere on the internet, and it won’t be riddled with ‘key words’.  

Our first proper post will go live on Monday 5th August - give it a try and let me know what you think!

Farm holidays in Cornwall

What to expect
Tips on local gems from little-known beaches to exciting new restaurants; glimpses behind the scenes at Treworgey; local events and how best to experience them; ideas for making the most of a Cornish holiday; and news from Treworgey.

About the blogger
My name is Holly Kyte (nee Wright), the middle daughter of Linda and Bevis, who own Treworgey Cottages and farm, and now their partner in running the business. I was fortunate enough to grow up here at Treworgey and returned to help out in 2013.  This home-coming followed an 11 year stint ‘up country’, where I learnt about Physics, got a ‘proper job’, and finally realised I missed the horses, the sea and, most of all, Treworgey.

 Holidays with riding in Cornwall

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