Its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I haven’t manged to make it work before but a couple of weekends ago, I got my timings right.   

So having never done it I wasn’t sure what to expect all I knew is what I had read -  Arrive 1 hour before low tide and bring an old pair of shoes, there are sharp rocks to avoid. Expect to get wet.

I went with Nic from the office her husband and my cousin Richard and the dogs. Richard runs one of the glass bottom boats in Looe, Which I highly recommend on a clear day. And as he goes round the island so many times a day he suggested we went a slightly different way to the many other people went. We started at Hannafore beach in front of the coastguards and walked along down the cocreated covered pipe, we walked about ¾ of the way down others going to the end and a little further along before turning towards the island. The path we chose whilst les travelled proved to be a little better, as we looked over to see some people up to their shoulders in the water! The tide doesn’t fully go out but it is walkable. I am 5’4 and I got up to waist deep, in some places. The sea was warm and so clear. We saw lots of fish and as well as Sea Anemoe’s large starfish. I didn’t get to many photos, as unfortunately It was a bit far for Rabbit the dog to swim so I carried her most of the way. When we arrived at the island we couldn’t stay too long as the tide wasn’t going to stay low for long. Walking back the water level was lower, and more manageable through the sea weed patches. All in all the walk took a little over 45 mins there and back.  

Whilst its not possible to look around the island or stay very long its still worth the walk. The island is looked after by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and they sometimes do guided walks of the island, although this does include a boat to get you there and back. For more information on the island click here.

Walking to the island is not possible very often and some years not possible its all dependent on the tides being just right, so please don’t try this walk unless it’s the correct tides, ask at the office we will be able to let you know if its possible, but unlikely to be this year now.

You can take a wonderful boat trip around the island in a glass bottom boat Easter – October weather and tide depended, for more information click here.


Cottages in Cornwall close to the coast Cottages in Cornwall close to the coast

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