About us

We’re the Wright family, and we’ve been lucky enough to live in this exceptionally lovely spot for almost 50 years. We bought part of Treworgey Farm in 1977 when it was a cluster of tumbledown stone buildings nestling in patchwork farmland.




A labour of love

Over the years, we’ve carefully brought the buildings back to life – albeit a new life as luxury holiday cottages. And we’ve since added Coombe Farm, a 17th-century farmstead, and Leyland, a once run-down but beautiful farmhouse.

Throughout the conversion work, we’ve taken immense care to preserve the original character of the buildings, all of which are steeped in history.   We’ve also taken great care to do everything in the greenest way possible while supporting local businesses and preserving Cornish traditions.


A multi-generation family business

Still family-owned and run, Treworgey is very much at the heart of our life. Our three children grew up here, and our daughter Holly and husband Andy live and work here with their young children. We love and nurture the place, buildings, animals, and plants we share it with. And we take great pleasure in sharing our little slice of paradise with our guests and hope you feel as much at home here as we do.


Our farm

Treworgey nestles in our own beautiful 170 acre Cornish farm.  Much of that land is used for grazing our horses, our flock of Jacob sheep and cattle owned by a neighbouring farmer.  

On about 20 acres of the land we grow a biofuel called Miscanthus (or Elephant Grass).  This miscanthus is the fuel for heating and hot water for all of the cottages on Treworgey Farm and Coombe, as well as for heating the pool. This has cut our use of fossil fuels to a tiny fraction of what it was, not just on-site but also in the transport of fuel from far away.

Also on the farm are a whole range of friendly animals that we care for so that we can provide an incredible and educational experience to children.  Families can join in each weekday morning to help us to feed our ducks, chickens, goats, pigs and more.  All our animals are free-range.

There are beautiful farm walks, over fields and through woodlands, sometimes with sea views that we invite you to explore while you're staying with us.  You will find a pocket-sized fold-out map of our farm walks in your cottage. 


Click here to find out about the history of Treworgey and its buildings.


Awards and reviews

Treworgey has won a whole collection of awards in recent years, including Gold for Self Catering Busines of the Year in 2022 at the Cornwall Tourism Awards, and Gold for dog-friendly and Silver for Sustainable Tourism in 2018.  Our proudest moment was winning the Best Self Catering Holiday Provider of the Year at the National Tourism Awards in 2016.  Here are a few comments we've had from awards judges who've visited us in recent years:

"Holly and her team at Treworgey work tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence.  What they produce are memories of great family holidays."

"The attention to detail is outstanding with just the right mix of services provided.  Home-cooked food delivered to the door, local produce available on site and happy worn out children. Perfect."

"The standard of housekeeping is outstanding.  The team of housekeepers do a fabulous job.  Every detail in every cottage is then checked before guests arrive."


It's fantastic to receive this kind of recognition, but for us, the greatest accolades are our fantastic reviews.  Below you can see the key places to find independent reviews of Treworgey from those who've stayed here: 




Guests say...

"Lovely cottage/grounds. First class accommodation -the attention to detail is terrific. Everything conveniently situated but very discreet -excellent. We will certainly be coming back to revisit soon."


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