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Families are rarely simple.  Perhaps your sister has a dodgy leg and your new dog is an escape artist.  Or maybe your daughter has adopted a tortoise that she can’t go on holiday without, and your mother needs to sleep downstairs.  Even if you know Treworgey is the place for you, it can be tricky trying to work out which of our 15 cottages would be the best one for you - they’re all very different, and each private garden is different too. 

If you’d like to chat to us, we would love to talk through your needs on the phone and recommend the best option for you.  But you might be reading this at 2am while rocking a baby (please don’t call now), or perhaps you haven’t quite got your head around your requirements yet.   This blog post will give you a quick guide as to which cottages are best for different needs:

Cottage holidays in Cornwall

Best for big or energetic dogs

Orchard (sleeps 2)  - a good-sized garden for running about, and conservatory/dining room as you enter, with underfloor heating and a door to the rest of the cottage:  a perfect place for wet dogs to dry off!

Geoff’s (sleeps 8) – big, 3-tiered garden

Secret Garden (sleeps 5) – huge garden with high walls – no chance of jumping out!

Lois (sleeps 2) – good sized garden and right beside the huge dog-paddock

Dog friendly cottages in Cornwall

Best for small pets

Well (sleeps 2)  - a wall all the way around, and no giant shrubs in which to loose your tortoise or rabbit

Honeysuckle (sleeps 2) – very secure garden with no steps, drops or big shrubs

Best for riding fanatics

Jasmine (sleeps 4) – the nearest cottage to the stables!  Kids can run up the gravel drive from here to the stables without going on the lane

Geoff’s Barn (sleeps 8) – a shortcut through Geoff’s private garden brings kids out opposite the stables – no need to go on the lane

River Barn (sleeps 6) – upstairs windows overlook the riding arena – great entertainment in the mornings

Holidays in Cornwall with riding

Best for light sleepers

Fortunately, all our cottages are pretty sound proof, having thick stone walls, but the absolute winners on peace and quiet are:

(sleeps 2) – ½ a mile from the other cottages, with only us (the family) as neighbours, and we take great care to be respectful ones.

Honeysuckle (sleeps 2) – right at one end of the collection of cottages, furthest from play areas and the riding school…  the only sounds usually heard here are birdsong and the stream.

Best for limited mobility 

Orchard (sleeps 2) -parking right outside the garden gate, level approach, whole cottage on one level with no steps

Well (sleeps 2) – all on one level, parking just at one end of the cottage (though there’s a slope to reach the door and 3 steps inside the cottage)

Lois (sleeps 2) – all on one level with no steps, very level garden, parking right outside garden gate.  To reach the office and facilities does involve a short gravel drive.

Trelugas (sleeps 5) – more or less on one level (some internal steps and 2 to enter, but ramps can be provided). Parking right outside the door for those with mobility difficulties.


Best for energetic kids

All our cottages, apart from Orchard, are within a moment’s walk of all our fantastic facilities for kids, and many children spend all day outside around Treworgey, just going into their cottages for meal times!  But here are a few exceptionally good ones…

Geoff’s Barn (sleeps 8) – big garden which has a back gate out to the tennis court, riding stables, indoor beach and small animals area.

Secret Garden (sleeps 5) – huge safe garden, very close to the pool

Laurel and Elm (each sleeps 4) – closest cottages to the pool (and spa pool)

 Family holidays in Cornwall

Best for garden privacy

When designing our gardens, we have taken great care to ensure that each and every one is as private as possible using the lay of the land, walls, plants and positioning of windows and garden furniture.   Below are some that are particularly private:

Orchard (sleeps 2) - ½ a mile from the other cottages, with only us (the family) as neighbours, and we take great care to be respectful ones.  No other cottage overlooks or adjoins with your garden.

Secret Garden
(sleeps 5) – the (huge) kitchen garden of the original Treworgey Manor (which burnt down), this is completely private

Geoff’s Barn (sleeps 8) – not overlooked by anyone, 3 tiers of garden with great views


Best for views

Trelawney (sleeps 6) – amazing views from the master bedroom (loads of windows), patio and sitting room

River Barn (sleeps 6) – named for it’s view of the river

Farmhouse (sleeps 11) – the overall winner on views:  3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms look straight over the valley with big windows

Laurel (sleeps 4) – great views from master bedroom and sitting room

Elm (sleeps 4) - great views from master bedroom and sitting room


Holidays in Cornwall

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