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On the farm here at Treworgey we put down about 14 acres for hay each year.  When the weather is good enough in May or June, contactors come in to cut the hay and leave it lying in the field.  Bevis then turns it using the 'tedder' several times during the next few days, rowing it up at night to keep the dew out, and monitoring it all the time to get the moisture content right.  At the right moment, the contractors come back to bale and wrap it.  It's really 'haylage' which is wetter than hay and retains more feed value for the horses.  

These bales are stored and then provide feed or all our ponies and horses throughout the winter months. 

Hay making days are always special  - it's sunny by the nature of the job and it marks the start of summer, and the hay fields make a brilliant playground!


For more about our farm, have a read here:


And for more on what children can do here, have a look at this:

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