Treworgey Cottages
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Outdoor play areas 


Our outdoor playground is often a gathering place for children during the school holidays.  It has a log climbing frame, swing, slide and ropes, a sandpit with mechanical systems for moving sand and water, huge basket swing, stepping logs, climbing wall and a Wendy House. Parents, sitting at the garden bench in the playground, can watch over youngsters and at the same time chat and enjoy the fantastic view. 

Ride-on tractors

We have a little collection of ride-on tractors, balance bike and scooter to borrow from just near the playroom. 

Out on the farm

We hugely encourage children to make use of the incredible natural play opportunities on the farm.  Half way along our shortest farm walk, you'll find a stream that's perfect for making dams or little rafts, and the little woodland nearby is perfect for building dens!  Our miscanthus (Elephant Grass) that grows about 2m high can be great fun for a game of chase or hide and seek for older children. 

At the Information Room you can find a tracking sheet to help you learn to track various local wildlife!

Hint hunt

Around the farm are little animals (either metal models or wooden cut-out paintings), and at the Information Room you can find a sheet with hints to help you find each of the animals.  See you if you can find them all!

What our visitors have to say:

"The children (Meg, 9 & Jack, 6) love it here. They have had happy times playing with the rabbits and in the playground and you can't really go wrong in Cornwall for days out. Thanks to everyone at Treworgey for another fab holiday!" THE WHITLOCKS
"Our 10th visit to Treworgey and our first stay in Trelugas, which has the best views out of all the cottages we've stayed in! Our children loved the new playground and riding the horses." DARREN, VICTORIA, OLIVER & HARRIET, SUFFOLK

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