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Terms and conditions 
I acknowledge that handling horses involves risks and that horses, even those known to me, may act unpredictably on occasions or in new surroundings, and that I handle and ride any horse at Treworgey at my own risk. I understand that my horse will not be allowed into the main stable yard at Treworgey, or to mix with Treworgey horses in order to prevent the exchange of infections. I understand that the stabling for my horse is ½ mile from the main Treworgey site. I understand that Trewogey staff have priority over use of the riding school at any time. I understand that I must obey the instructions of the Treworgey staff, who may issue certain instructions or requests regarding my horse if they are concerned about safety.

In an emergency, I give permission to allow Treworgey staff to seek any emergency medical advice or treatment they deem necessary as required, or veterinary advice or treatment deemed necessary for my horse. I will alert Treworgey staff in advance of my stay of any particular medical condition or special needs that may be relevant if an accident were to happen.

Horses and ponies staying on holiday at Treworgey do so at the owner's risk. In no event will Treworgey or its proprietors be liable for any loss, injury, theft or other accident that may occur to the horse, owner, rider or equipment. Stabling is limited to two guest horses or ponies at any one time. Please call to check availability of stabling and suitability for your horse before booking.
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