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Please could each person who would like to ride complete a separate form.
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If yes please describe opposite. Please also detail any medical conditions or disabilities, that your instructor should be aware of in case of emergency, that may affect your ability whilst riding. (For example, back problems, asthma etc.) 
You are strongly advised not to ride if you are pregnant. For safety reasons please do not wear jewellery. Please wear sensible footwear with a sturdy heel (not trainers). Unfortunately we cannot let you ride with inappropriate footwear because it is unsafe.

Your riding experience

Please select your general riding experience *
How often do you ride 
Please select your highest riding ability 
Can you trot without stirrups? 
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Have you ridden before at Treworgey? 
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Please read the list of options below and select the appropriate options.
We are unable to guarantee the times you request but we will endeavour to match you as closely with your times as availability allows.
A. ½ hr Private Lesson £33.00
B. ½ hr Semi-Private Lesson (2 people) £25.00 per person
C. ½ hr Stable Management Lesson (minimum two people)* £20.00 per person
D. ½ hr Group Lesson 3-4 persons max (must be intermediate upward)* £20.00 per person
E. ½ hr Lead Rein Hack (under 5s to be accompanied by parent/guardian) £22.00 per person
F. 1 hr hack with trotting (intermediate or experienced riders only) £35.00 per person
G. 10 minute escorted walk (from stables and around school*) £12.00 per person
H. ½ hr private lesson for competition riders (taught by Holly, Sarah or Linda, who have ridden at BE Int or Adv and jumped BS up to 1.25m. Linda is BHSII) * £40.00
I. Pony Club Afternoon £30.00

*Options B. C. and D. are only available if you have enough participants within your group or family staying at Treworgey.
*Option F. is subject to availability and is at the riding instructor’s discretion after a brief assessment in the school. Please never overtake the leader of the ride unless they have made the express request that you do so. The leader of the ride must be obeyed at all times reserves the right to cut short a ride if they deem a situation unsafe.
*Option G. must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*Option H. Available for guests who have competed at or above BE90, BS90 and/or BD levels.

Please note that riding prices are subject to change. The above prices are current from June 2022.

Afternoon activities - In peak times look out for additional horse and pony activities and Pony Club on some afternoons, depending on demand. If we have activities available while you are here we will email you prior to your arrival.
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Please specify any special requirements you may have 
Terms and conditions 
I acknowledge that horse riding is a risk sport and that participation may hold potential danger and that all equines and other animals may and can react unpredictably on occasions. I understand that I (or my child) must obey the instructions of the Instructor, Ride Escort or Activity Leader and that failure to do so will result in dismounting from the horse and/or being asked to leave the lesson or activity. Safety helmets must be worn to the current standard at all times when riding and must be fitted correctly. (BS standard PAS 015 helmets are provided). All children under the age of 16 yrs must wear a Body Protector when riding and we strongly advise that all adults wear one, especially during hacking and jumping. (Body Protectors are provided to the current standard). Alternatively, if you are an experienced adult rider and choose not to wear a Body Protector, you hereby acknowledge that you have been advised to wear a Body Protector, that you know the risks involved if one is not worn, and that you have chosen to not wear one at your own risk. Please alert us to any particular medical condition or special needs you or your child may have, including disabilities and health issues, allergies or dietary issues etc that may affect participation in activities. Further to the above, if my child/a child under my care is to take part in Pony Club or any of our other Afternoon Activities I am aware that a range of activities may be involved and sweets etc may be eaten. If relevant please also outline any symptoms we should be aware of, what constitutes an emergency and the action to be taken.

I understand that in the case of emergency, Treworgey staff will attempt to contact the emergency number(s) provided. I give permission to allow Treworgey staff to seek any emergency medical advice or treatment they deem necessary as required, for me or my child. I give permission for a member of staff to take/accompany my child to the Doctor/Hospital in case of emergency treatment being required whilst attending riding or activities at Treworgey.

I confirm I am/my child(ren) are under the Treworgey weight limit of 14 stone and that I confirm to the best of my knowledge that all the above details and any special requirements I have outlined overleaf are correct. I understand that I/my child(ren) must obey the instructions of the Instructor or Ride Escort.

Disclaimer: Although we have been providing horse riding for many years here at Treworgey without interruption, horses and ponies may become ill or lame just like people. In no event will Treworgey or its proprietors be liable to provide riding, though we will do our very best. For example, riding here could be affected by illness to horses or instructors. Please note that riding prices are subject to change, the above prices are current in July 2015. Please note that if you are filling in this form online, the details you enter will be transmitted electronically to Treworgey (by email).

Please note that for novice and intermediate riders we are only able to offer limited hacking. Please contact us for details.
I agree to the terms and conditions above and am over 16 years of age. If my child is the rider and child is 16 or under I agree to the terms and conditions on his or her behalf. *

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