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There is nothing quite like the smugness that comes with having just submerged oneself in freezing cold water, and if you can bring yourself to do it in winter, when the water is particularly bitter, the satisfaction rating is high enough to keep you feeling smug for days.  That's my rationale for doing it anyway. 

Apparently others do it for more wholesome reasons - undoubtedly it forces a kind of mindfulness (how can you avoid being 'in the moment' when you can think of nothing but being bloody freezing?) and if 'Ice Man' Wim Hof is to be believed (which seems unlikely) it can cure almost every disease known to man. 

Whatever the motive, there are many of us who can't get enough of an uncomfotably cold dip, and Cornwall is brimming (excuse the pun) with beautiful wild spots for us to get that fix. 

Here are our suggestions for the best wild swimming spots close to Treworgey.  Somehow, knowing you can return to Treworgey's plush soft towels, linen as soft as baby's skin and toasty log fires make the cold shock all the more pleasing!  Follow this link for details and photographs to find your perfect cottage:


Swimming holidays in Cornwall

 Polperro Chapel Pool (above)

Description: Located through the village to the harbour and then head on the coast path out towards Lansallos, once reaching the first view overlooking the net lofts descend to chapel pool. Access is via steep steps so may not be suitable for less mobile Must be visited at low tide otherwise the pool connects with the sea and water is overflowing at the access point at the bottom of the steps.

Distance from Treworgey: 10 minutes

Dogs: Allowed

Parking: Nearest car park is Polperro public car park PL13 2PL

Accessibility: Access is via steep steps from the coast path

Type: Tidal pool


Swimming holidays in Cornwall

Watergate at Kilminorth Woods (above)

Description: A peaceful location close to Treworgey located at the end of Kilminorth woods. Only able to swim at high tide as there isn’t high enough water levels at low tide.

Distance from Treworgey: 10 minutes

Dogs: Allowed.

Parking: limited amount of roadside parking at watergate, alternatively you can park at the Millpool car park PL13 2AH and walk through the woods to Watergate.

Accessibility: Easily accessible from roadside parking at watergate. If parking at Millpool walking distance through woods is approximately 3km.

Type: River


East Looe Beach

Description: Best to swim at high tide as there are buoys placed with a no craft zone for swimmers. This is a very popular beach in the summer months so the swimming area can get quite busy.

Distance from Treworgey: 10 minutes

Dogs: Banned year round

Parking: Nearest car park is Looe Harbour Car Park PL13 1HH

Type: Sea


Swimming holidays in Cornwall

Goldiggins Quarry (also know as Swit Quarry)

Description: The quarry is a clear blue , spring fed which is a perfect choice for when the sea is too rough to swim, it’s a great cold water swimming spot followed by a picnic. Adrenaline seekers visit the quarry to jump off the steep cliffs (we wouldn’t recommend this as it can be a dangerous activity).

Distance from Treworgey: 30 minutes

Dogs: Allowed on lead around livestock

Parking: The Hurlers car park PL14 5LW

Accessibility: 20 minute walk offroad across moorland past the hurlers stone circle to reach the quarry

Type: Quarry


Swimming holidays in Cornwall

Respryn Bridge (above)

Description: Great to combine a riverside walk with a refreshing swim. Head over the bridge and follow the path down along the river to a wooden footbridge a bit further along is a great spot for a quiet dip.

Distance from Treworgey: 30 minutes

Dogs: Allowed but please keep an eye on near livestock

Parking: At Respryn Bridge Car Park PL30 4AH

Accessibility: The river path is well- surfaced and level for prams and wheelchair users, however if you use the lane it is quite uneven and stony.

Type: River


Swimming Holidays in Cornwall

Lansallos Cove (above)

Description: Lansallos Beach is a quiet, south facing cove of sand and shingle. There is a small waterfall on the eastern side of the beach known as reed water which used to power a small mill. The track leading down to the beach also has good pitstop activities for children which helps in persuading little legs on the way back up again.

Distance from Treworgey: 20 minutes

Dogs: Allowed

Parking: National trust car park at Lansallos PL13 2PX

Accessibility: 20 minute walk down a track from Lansallos village

Type: Sea


Swimming holidays in Cornwall

Golitha Falls (above)

Description: Cascading waters not suitable for children can have a strong current especially after heavy rainfall.

Distance from Treworgey: 20 minutes

Dogs: Allowed

Parking: Free car park at PL14 6RX

Accessibility: Main path is easily accessible, this path then leads off into smaller paths which can be rather muddy and unsure under foot.

Type: Fast flowing river


Adrenaline Quarry

Description: For the more experienced swimmers you can book a session in their 300m end to end beautiful flooded quarry surrounded by cliffs. This experience is ideal for training in open water. The quarry is also shared with an inflatable aquapark so if training while on holiday isn’t your cup of tea you can opt for a session on the aquapark instead (open water session £3.50 aquapark session £20.00).

Distance from Treworgey: 15 minutes

Dogs: On leads at all times

Parking: Parking onsite at PL14 3PJ follow the signs for aquapark

Accessibility: Quarry located 5 minutes from carpark, wheelchair and pushchair accessible.

Type: Quarry


Cawsand Bay

Description: A calm sheltered bay which overlooks Plymouth Sound and is generally considered a safe place for swimming. Cawsand is a picturesque village with a few amenities available.

Distance from Treworgey: 40 minutes

Dogs: Seasonal band 1st July until 31st August 10-6pm

Parking: At Cawsand car park PL10 1PA

Accessibility: 5 minutes walk to the beach through the tarmacked streets of Cawsand

Type: Sea


Swimming holidays in Cornwall

Polridmouth Cove at Menabilly (above)

Description: A lesser-known quiet cove on the coast between Polkerris and Fowey. Although there is no lifeguard at Polridmouth it is considered a safe beach for swimming, being relatively sheltered.

Distance from Treworgey: 45 minutes

Dogs: Allowed

Parking: Menabiliy barton car park PL24 2TN

Accessibility: 15 minute walk from car park down a wooded track

Type: Sea


Polkerris Beach

Description: A sheltered harbour beach in the small village of Polkerris, known as one of Cornwall’s best family friendly beaches.

Distance from Treworgey: 45 minutes

Dogs: Allowed between 1st October until Good Friday

Parking: Polkerris car park PL24 2TL

Accessibility: A short 200m walk from the car park down a tarmacked road

Type: Sea

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